PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture 4-0, 18", Undyed, Braided, FS2 (C6), 12PK

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PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) 4-0 Colorless/Undyed Suture, with FS2 (C6) Reverse Cutting Needle (19mm, 3/8 Circle). 18"(45cm). Sold 12 per box.
Look Comparision: 423B
Ethicon Comparison: J423H. These PGA sutures are undyed.
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Polyglycolic Acid, better known as PGA, is composed of polymers of glycolide acids. These sutures are PGA (Polyglycolic Acid) Suture 4-0, Undyed, Braided, with an FS2 (C6) needle and come 12 per pack.

Characteristics of UNIFY PGA sutures

  • High tensile strength
  • Initial strength comparable to that of Nylon and Chromic Gut
  • Synthetic suture absorbing at a moderate rate
  • Lower tissue reaction than gut sutures with no risk of toxicity
  • Ultra sharp needle point for atraumatic tissue penetration
  • Needle coated with silicone for smooth tissue passage
  • Predictable absorption profile
  • Thread type: Braided
  • Color: Undyed
  • Strength duration: 28-35 days
  • Absorb duration: 55-70 days

Unify Suture Feature Highlights

  • Top quality sutures at factory-direct prices that are up to 80% lower than our competitors.
  • Exclusive EasyPick Classification System - Only our sutures are classified by needle sizes to help simplify ordering and reduce your inventory.
  • Made of high grade stainless steel with an ultra-sharp needle point to provide strength, flexibility and atraumatic tissue penetration.
  • Stronger, sharper, and enhanced ductility produced in a clean room environment with compliance to Medical Devices ISO 13485.
  • All our sutures exceed the requirements of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and FDA regulations.
  • With UNIFY Surgical Sutures, you'll never choose between price and quality!

*Vicryl™ is a registered trademark of Ethicon **Polysorb™ is a registered trademark of Covidien

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Tamer Alpagot, DDS, PhD

5 out of 5 stars

"I have been routinely using UNIFY PGA sutures during my periodontal and implant surgeries. It is easy to use and the primary flap closure is excellent. I highly recommend these sutures to the practitioners." Tamer Alpagot, DDS, PhD Professor of Periodontics, University of Pacific, San Francisco, CA