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PRF Systems and Instruments

PRFs can be regarded as dense fibrin biomaterial with bio-mechanical properties. A high density fibrin clot can serve as a biological healing matrix by supporting cell migration and cytokine release, expanding the range of its potential applications greatly.

  1. Regular Price: $3,400.00

    Special Price $2,549.00

    The Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System provides you with everything you need for the PRF protocol at a discounted price. The new DUO Quattro Centrifuge is specially designed for using 6 PRF protocols and uses tube balancing simplified by the color code.

    Choukron PRF System package includes:

    • 1 New Centrifuge DUO Quatro Original from Dr. Choukroun
    • 1 PRF Box
    • 1 PolySteribox
    • All PRF Instruments
    • 100 A-PRF Tubes 10 ml
    • 24 I-PRF Tubes 10 ml
    • Blood collectors (24).
    • 1 Tourniquet
    • 2-year Warranty on Centrifuge
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  2. Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price $76.50

    Used for the collection of blood for A-PRF and I-PRF Learn More
  3. 10mL Vacutainer Glass Tube from BD with Conventional Stopper. Red, Paper Label, No Additive. 16 x 100mm. Comes 100/BX. Can be used to make PRF membranes and plugs. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $29.99

    Greiner Vacuette pack of tubes. 9 ml Z No Additive 16x100 white cap-black ring, non-ridged. 50 per box. Can be used to make a liquid formulation of platelet rich fibrin (PRF). Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $399.00

    Special Price $199.00

    As low as: $179.99

    The PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) Container Box, manufactured by MCT, is used to contain and deal with the PRF clot derived from centrifuge. Kit includes: Lid, Press Board, Underboard, and Case. (Kit does NOT include centrifuge). Watch video below and see more details.
    Note: The PRF Box does NOT include a centrifuge and does NOT produce PRF. If you are interested in a centrifuge, check out the Choukroun PRF System
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