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PRF Systems and Instruments

PRFs can be regarded as dense fibrin biomaterial with bio-mechanical properties. A high density fibrin clot can serve as a biological healing matrix by supporting cell migration and cytokine release, expanding the range of its potential applications greatly. Get everything you need for the Choukroun PRF Protocol below.

  1. Regular Price: $3,400.00

    Special Price $2,500.00

    The Choukroun PRF Centrifuge System provides you with everything you need for the PRF protocol at a discounted price. The new DUO Quattro Centrifuge is specially designed for using 6 PRF protocols and uses tube balancing simplified by the color code.

    Choukron PRF System package includes:

    • 1 New Centrifuge DUO Quatro Original from Dr. Choukroun
    • 1 PRF Box
    • 1 PolySteribox
    • All PRF Instruments
    • 100 A-PRF Tubes 10 ml
    • 24 I-PRF Tubes 10 ml
    • Blood collectors (24).
    • 1 Tourniquet
    • 2-year Warranty on Centrifuge
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  2. Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price $155.00

    100 Sterile, 10 ml, A-PRF tubes to produce A-PRF according to techniques developed by Dr. Choukroun. Learn More
  3. Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $350.00

    The Choukron PRF Box ensures high quality membranes and constand thickness. It is used to recover the exudate (hydration of biomaterials), and to preserve the membranes during surgery. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $750.00

    Special Price $450.00

    Full set of 7 instruments that are essential for the Choukroun PRF technique. Learn More
  5. Regular Price: $85.00

    Special Price $65.00

    Used for the collection of blood for A-PRF and I-PRF Learn More

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