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PRF Premium Horizontal Centrifuge Package

Last Updated: 9/26/2022
Brand:Drucker Diagnostics
Due to the package weight, orders for centrifuges can ONLY ship via Ground Delivery. No 2-Day or Overnight.

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Our Premium Horizontal PRF Horizon 6 Flex Centrifuge package, provides you with the latest cutting-edge technology for the PRF protocol at an affordable price. Don't waste your money on overpriced imported centrifuges! Our horizontal centrifuge works in the exact same way as the other brands. The only difference is that this centrifuge is manufactured and supported here in the USA! Recent research by Miron et al. and Lourenço ES et al. suggests that horizontal centrifugation for Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) provides benefits over the classical fixed-angle centrifugation. 1,2. The Horizontal Centrifuge provided comes with 2 presets to match specifications needed to create the PRF plugs/membranes (A-PRF), or injectable PRF liquid (iPRF).

Our Premium Horizontal Centrifuge package for PRF includes:

  • 1 Horizon 6 Flex Premium Horizontal Centrifuge (see full details below)
  • 1 FREE Pack of 100 Glass Tubes (for A-PRF/Solid PRF)
  • 1 FREE Pack of 50 Greiner Vacuette Plastic Tubes (for iPRF/Liquid PRF)
  • 1 FREE Pack of 50 Greiner SAFETY Blood Collection Set 21G x 3/4" tubing length 12" (30 cm)
  • 2 Preset Cycles for A-PRF (Solid PRF) and iPRF (Injectable/Liquid PRF)
  • Optional PRF Instrument & Box Upgrade ($620 Extra)
  • Designed, built, and supported in the USA
  • Warranty: 2 years on Centrifuge (lifetime on centrifuge rotor)
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  • The video below is a case showing the use the Horizontal PRF Centrifuge to prepare A-PRF and iPRF (liquid PRF) for Extraction, Implant Removal and Grafting

  • The video below shows the use of the our Horizon 6 Flex Horizontal Centrifuge to produce both Liquid PRF and Solid PRF. The liquid PRF is then used to create a sticky collagen plug with our Bioplug Collagen Plugs. [3,4]

    (Please note: Horizontal centrifugation is a swing-out mechanism process. This means that tubes are always at an angle at rest. However, when spinning starts, they swing out and spin at a horizontal angle out from the axis of rotation, and spin horizontally. This is as opposed to fixed angle centrifugation, where the tubes are always fixed at angle, even when spinning.)

  • The short video below provides highlights from our recent PRF Course given by Dr. Brian Toorani. In the course, Dr. Toorani reviewed phlebotomy techniques and demonstrated centrifugation with both the classic fixed angle Choukroun protocols, and the newer horizontal centrifugation methods, using the DDSGadget Horizontal Centrifuge
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More Information on PRF Premium Horizontal Centrifuge Package

The HORIZON 6 Flex routine centrifuge is completely customizable. The fully digital display makes it easy to set cycle parameters on the fly, including variable run time, speed control, and deceleration. Lid lights flash at the end of each cycle and visually indicate the centrifuge’s status (off when ready, on when running, and flashing when done) from across the room, no matter the noise level. Spin 75-100 mm (3-10 mL) tubes right out of the box. HORIZON 6 Flex arrives ready-to-run without the purchase of any additional accessories.

Horizon 6 Flex Horizontal Key Features and Benefits

  • Easy to Use Use the simple, two-button interface to select a preset, or program and record your validated settings on the included label.
  • Easy to Monitor with LED Lighting Process samples more efficiently. HORIZON's LED lid lighting is off when the centrifuge is ready to load, on when running, and flashing at the end of each cycle.
  • Engineered for Safety Protect your office with imbalance detection and a shatterproof lid which can only be opened when the centrifuge's rotor is stopped, even if the unit loses power.
  • Capacity – Up to six (6) tubes Tube Sizes – 3 mL to 10 mL: up to 17 mm x 75 – 100 mm
  • Fully Programmable – Save and recall 10 easily customizable cycle settings, or choose from 2 presets for PRF
  • 2-Stage Horizontal Rotor – Drucker Diagnostics’ patented swing-out horizontal rotor design produces ideal horizontally separated samples
  • Cool Operation – Unique design of the convection based cooling system protects the samples even under the heaviest workloads
  • Automatic Lid Lock – Centrifuge will not run with the lid open and the lid cannot be opened while samples are spinning
  • Clear Shatter Proof Lid – Allows for safe sample observation and optical calibrations
  • Reinforced Guard Bowl – Provides maximum safety and durability
  • Brushless DC Motor – Years of operation with no routine maintenance
  • Quiet Operation – Enjoy a sound level of just 64 dBA

Horizon 6 Flex Horizontal Key Specifications

  • Capacity: 6 x 75-100 mm (3-10 mL)
  • Max RCF: 2,000 xg
  • Max RPM: 3,800 RPM
  • Weight: 12 lbs (5.4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 9 h x 14 d x 12 w in (23 x 36 x 30 cm)
  • Warranty: 2 years (lifetime on rotor)
  • Sound Level – 64 dBA 
  • Voltage – 95 to 253 VAC
  • Frequency – 50/60 Hz 
  • Max. Power Requirements – 220 Watts
  • Centrifuge Motor – 1/2 H.P. Brushless DC

Optional PRF Case, PRF Instrument, and PRF Box Upgrade (Extra)

Our Platinum Horizontal PRF Package includes a full set of PRF Instruments, the PRF Box and a Metal Case.

Full set of 7 instruments that are essential for the Choukroun PRF technique.

New! PRF Metal case to hold all you PRF supplies.

PRF Box 

The PRF Box is an extremely important instrument. It helps to: Deliver high quality membranes and constant thickness, and Recover the exudate: hydration of biomaterials.

Preserve the membranes during surgery.

Tube Holder

Is used to hold the tubes and let them rest after the blood drawing.

PRF Mini Tray

Used to prepare membranes, Separate the fibrin clot from the red blood cells - Cut the membranes - Fold the membranes - Make «punches»

PRF Bowl

Is used to mix the membranes cut into small pieces with biomaterials. It can also be used for the cutting: Put the membrane into the bowl and cut it with PRF scissors.

PRF Scissors

Allows to separate easily the fibrin clot from the red cells and to cut membranes into small pieces.

PRF Forceps

Is used to remove and manipulate membranes.

PRF Forceps “Giraffe”

The forceps giraffe is intended to tunneling the PRF membranes for surgical soft tissues procedures: introduce the forceps in the tunnel, open the forceps, block the PRF membranes and pull to place the membranes in the correct position.

PRF Double Spoon

Allows collecting and handling the bone filling materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus, and goshawks implants).

PRF Compactor Big

Allows compacting and tamping the bone filling materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus, and goshawks implants).

PRF Compactor Small

Allows compacting and tamping the bone filling materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus, and goshawks implants).


Is used to position the PRF membranes easily, anywhere,using the pad as a cake server. The pointed end of the pad can be introduced in the sinus.

Research References

1. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2018 May;106(5):1373-1380 The in vitro release of cytokines and growth factors from fibrin membranes produced through horizontal centrifugation. Lourenço ES et al.

"The present results demonstrate that blood-derived fibrin membranes with high structural stability and cell content can be generated by horizontal centrifugation, being able of a prolonged production/release of growth factors and pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines."

2. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2019 Oct;107(10):2257-2271. A novel method for evaluating and quantifying cell types in platelet rich fibrin and an introduction to horizontal centrifugation. Miron RJ et al.

"Horizontal centrifugation produced a significant increase in both the number and concentration of platelets and leukocytes (up to 3.5× higher for either solid/liquid PRF), when compared to either fixed or angled centrifuge."

3. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2019 Nov 1;20(11):1323-1328. Efficacy of PRF vs PRF + Biodegradable Collagen Plug in Post-extraction Preservation of Socket. Ahmed N et al.

4. Implant Dent. 2019 Jun;28(3):220-225. Evaluation of New Bone Formation in Sinus Floor Augmentation With Injectable Platelet-Rich Fibrin-Soaked Collagen Plug: A Pilot Study. Gülşen U et al.

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