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BenaCel Dental Dressing

Last Updated Oct 19, 2018
Manufacturer: Unicare Biomedical
SKU: unicare-benacel-B01-0108-B01-0308-B01-0212
BenaCel Dental dressing is perfect for the management of post extraction wound healing. It is recommended for Bleeding Management, Dry Socket Reduction, and Sinus Perforation Repairs.
  • Comparable to SURGICEL ®* Original Absorbable Hemostat
  • Made of biocompatible oxidized cellulose. Contains no chemical additives.
  • Completely resorbable within days  (3 - 7 days)
  • No need to suture in place for conical shape extraction sites
  • Prevents dry socket formation 
  • Non-allergenic, non-pyrogenic and non-immunogenic 
  • Economical and easy to use 
  • Available in 5mm x 7mm (plug) for Anterior site, 6mm x 8mm (plug) for Posterior site, 15mm x 15mm (sheet) for 3rd molar sites
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Benacel 5mm X 7mm, Plug, 8/PK
(SKU: B01-0108)
  • Buy 3 or more for $34.00 each and save 6%
Benacel 6mm X 8mm, Plug, 8/PK
(SKU: B01-0308)
  • Buy 3 or more for $38.00 each and save 5%
Benacel 15mm X 15mm, Sheet, 12/PK
(SKU: B01-0212)
  • Buy 3 or more for $46.00 each and save 5%

Additional Information
Research 1. A retrospective study on the use of a dental dressing to reduce dry socket incidence in smokers.. Gen Dent. 2015 May-Jun. Murph JT Jr et. al. Gen Dent. 2015 May-Jun
"This study assessed the effectiveness of using, Benacel, an oxidized cellulose dental dressing in order to reduce the rate of alveolar osteitis after posterior tooth extraction in smokers. Dry socket incidences of heavy smokers from 4 independent dental clinics, which routinely used oxidized cellulose dental dressings to mitigate dry socket formation between March 2011 and December 2012, were compiled and evaluated... The results of this study were consistent with the view that gender, age, postextraction regimen, and multiple extractions affect dry socket formation. The results indicate that an oxidized cellulose dental dressing postextraction is a safe and effective method for mitigating dry socket formation among smokers. "
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Manufacturer Unicare Biomedical
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