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Implant Removal Kit

Last Updated Aug 16, 2018
Manufacturer: Mr. Curette MCT

The implant removal kit contains the tools you need to remove a failed dental implant while minimizing trauma to the bone.

Kit includes:

  • 3 Specialized Implant Remover Screws for all popular implant systems.
  • 1 Remover Wrench for reverse torque.
  • 1 Hand Adaptor.
  • 7 Trephines (for difficult combination cases, if needed)

Regular Price: $750.00

Special Price $599.00

Additional Information
  • Techniques to Remove a Failed Integrated Implant (PDF Download), Compend Contin Educ Dent. 2011 Sep;32(7):22-6, 28-30; quiz 31-2. Froum S, Yamanaka T, Cho SC, Kelly R, St James S, Elian N.
    "The Counter-Torque Ratchet Technique is the least invasive technique for removing an implant without damaging surrounding structures...The reverse screw technique is another less invasive method that uses a screw removal device. "

  • A New Multi-Purpose Device for Minimally Invasive Removal of Device for Failing Implants and Damaged Screws (PDF Download), Jonathan and Maxine Ferencz Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics College of Dentistry New York University

    "However, when removal of an implant is necessary, the least invasive method has been reported to be the reverse screw technique (RST) option. The use of this technique allows preserving bone at the site of extraction for possible future treatment and increases the possibility of achieving an esthetic replacement. (7) Froum et al. introduced the RST to remove implants. This one device can be used to remove implants, cover screws and abutment screws with the same technique. (12)...When the Counter-Ratchet Technique (CRT) and RST failed or were not able to be used to retrieve the implants planned for removal, a minimal depth of bone around implant was removed by using a trephine or high-speed bur, and then, CRT or RST was again tried to minimize the damage to alveolar bone around implants."
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Manufacturer Mr. Curette MCT
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