Inion GTR Resorbable Tack Kit

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The Inion Tack kit is a Resorbable pin fixation system, which can be used instead of metal tacks. The resorbable PLA Inion tacks provide a simple way to secure membranes safely, quickly and easily for bone augmentation surgery.

  • Bioabsorbable: No removal surgery needed!
  • Safe and synthetic biomaterials
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Easy to reach the surgical site
  • No suturing is necessary
  • Single Use

Kit includes: 4 bioabsorbable tacks, 1 drill for tacks, and 1 tack applicator

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About Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks  
The Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks are intended to be used with the biodegradable membrane by fastening the membrane in position. The use of Inion GTR™ Tacks with the biodegradable membrane is indicated for surgical treatment of periodontal defects (e.g. class II furcation defects, intrabony defects and recession type defects), for pre-implant and peri-implant surgery and for covering bone defects and empty sockets.

The Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks are made of degradable copolymers composed of L-Lactide acid, D-lactic acid, and trimethylene carbonate. These polymers degrade in vivo by hydrolysis into alpha-hydroxy acids that are metabolized by the body. The Inion GTR™ Tacks are provided in a plastic dispenser and supplied as sterile, single use products. (Fig.1)

Key Benefits of Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks  
  • Biodegradable: No removal surgery needed! Based on the in vitro testing, the Tacks retain approximately 80% of their initial strength 8 weeks after implantation.
  • Safe and synthetic biomaterial
  • Fast and easy to use -Simple Tack loading by using the Tack Applicator  
  • Easy to reach the surgical site by choosing either angled or straight end of the Tack Applicator to insert the Tack
  • Immediate Tack placement after drilling through the membrane - No suturing is necessary!
Inion GTR™ Biodegradable Tacks  Instructions for Use

Note: Open the video tab to see actual videos for the Inion Tack System, including a technique video.

Fastening a membrane with tacks 
  • Open the dispenser carefully to avoid dislodging any Tack  
  • Take the Tack Applicator and press it firmly onto the Tack head. When a popping sound is heard, the tack is well fastened onto the Applicator (Fig.4) 
  • Hold the membrane securely in the desired position and drill directly through it into the bone 
  • While keeping the membrane immobile, take the loaded Tack Applicator and press the tack firmly to the hole. When using the angled end, apply finger pressure to the head of the applicator and not to the shaft 
  • Tilt the Tack Applicator slightly to release it

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