Polypropylene Suture 6-0, P3 (C3), 12PK

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Polypropylene 6-0 Suture, from Unify, with P3 (C3) Reverse Cutting Needle (13mm, 3/8 Circle ). 18". Sold 12 per box.
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Characteristics of UNIFY ® Polypropylene sutures include:

  • Very flexible
  • High tensile strength
  • Minimal tissue reaction
  • Very smooth surface, resulting in minimal tissue trauma
  • Precise knot placement Ultra sharp needle point for atraumatic tissue penetration
  • Needle coated with silicone for smooth tissue passage
  • Thread type: Monofilament
  • Color: Blue Strength
  • duration: life time
  • Absorb duration: N/A (non-absorbable)
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