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bioXen Bovine Bone Graft

Last Updated: 6/23/2022
We have replaced Bioxen with CeVoss. Please go to the CeVoss page to order.

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bioXEN bone graft, is an anorganic natural bone mineral, produced by the removal of organic material from native adult bovine cancellous bone. By retaining the natural structure of bone, bioXen offers a safe and biocompatible osteoconductive matrix that can be used for new bone formation in defects.

  • Compares to BioOss ®1 and NuOss ®
  • Easy handling of material allows for precise graft placement
  • Osteoconductive scaffold is favorable to bone formation
  • Porosity of material allows for thorough revascularization
  • Particle structure helps to maintain space
  • Available in .25-1mm particle size Particle Size: 0.5CC or 1.0CC. Choose below.
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More Information on bioXen Bovine Bone Graft

Ousia bioXEN Bovine Cancellous Bone Granules addresses the need for a biocompatible, safe, and effective osteoconductive matrix. This matrix, combined with a well vascularized site and containment of the bioXEN particulate, provides a scaffold for the natural process of bone development. The inclusion of barrier membranes allows for site protection from undesired soft tissue ingrowth.

An Osteoconductive Matrix

Ousia bioXEN is a naturally sourced anorganic bovine bone mineral, produced by the removal organic material from bovine bone. The unique manufacturing process of bioXEN results in a bone grafting particulate with the crystalline structure of carbonate apatite, which is a structure similar to intact human bone. In addition, the manufacturing process for bioXEN allows for a combination of a porous structure for vascular access with a roughened surface that is favorable to cell adhesion and subsequent bone matrix deposition.

Ousia bioXEN allows the clinician to have available a safe and biocompatible osteoconductive matrix that can be used for new bone formation in defects.

Proven Results

bioXEN and BioOss® sections taken at 2 months, show residual implant material present within the defects. The histology images shown below refer to new bone in apposition to the bioXEN or Bio-Oss® bone mineral matrix. New bone (green) can also be seen adjacent to the mineral showing evidence of ongoing bone formation in the defect area.

In vivo studies comparing Ousia bioXEN and Bio-Oss®, show the similarities in performance of these products. In this study, there were no significant differences between the two products. (2)

Reconstruction of the alveolar ridgePeriodontal defectsExtraction socketsSinus elevationsProcedures involving guided bone or guided tissue regeneration

1. Bio-Oss® is a registered trademark of Geistlich, Wolhusen, Switzerland.
2. Data on file.

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