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Bone Pen Initial Guide Kit

Updated 2020-07-30
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The BonePen Guide Kit helps improve implant placement thru the use of specialized drills, cups, and guide pins, that help guide implant positioning. It provides an intuitive way to determine the size of the fixture, and also the size of the future abutment. Works for any implant system! See full video below. Kit Includes:
  • 2 Pen Drills (used in conjunction with the cups)
  • 5 Color-Coded Cups in five (5) diameters
  • 5 Color-Coded Pins in five (5) diameters to measure both vertical height & horizontal space!
  • 1 GBR Pen for bone collection
  • 1 Bone Trimmer
  • Universal - works with any implant brand
The Bone Pen kit is now known as the The Simple Initial Guide Kit.

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