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C-Blast DBM Putty: Demineralized Cortical with Cancellous Bone Chips

Last Updated: 6/16/2022
Due to new FDA regulations, we NO longer offer DBM

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C-Blast DBM Putty is a demineralized cortical bone matrix combined with cancellous bone powder, and a natural resorbable carrier.

  • Open Bore Syringes (No more putty left in the tip!)
  • Excellent Handling, due to Natural Carrier which prevents graft migration.
  • Contains Cancellous Bone for Effective Scaffold. No need to add other graft material.
  • Compares to: Puros DBM, Salvin Allosculpt-3D
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More Information on C-Blast DBM Putty: Demineralized Cortical with Cancellous Bone Chips

C-Blast Details


  • Cancellous Bone contents The addition of Cancellous Bone to the DBM provides additional structural properties for bone growth
  • DBM and CMC(Carboxymethyl Cellulose Carrier)
  • Osteoinductivity& Osteoconductivity. BMPs in demineralized bone stimulates the growth of new bone
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Particle Size: 200~850μm
  • Room Temperature Storage
  • E-beam Sterilization
  • Double Sealed Blister Packaging
  • Syringe form makes it easy to use (if syringe is not the preferred form, it can be put into a container and mixed with saline or patient’s bone marrow for use.)


  • Safety ensured through strict blood test and review of medical history for a donor
  • Each lot of product comes from a single donor
  • Only tissues approved by AATB, EATB, KFDA are used
  • E-Beam sterilization after the final packaging
  • In vivo (animal test), In vitro (lab test) testing
  • No case of viral infection has been reported
  • Used by the doctors over 20 countries

About CMC Carrier

Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a Natural Plant Derived Carrier. CMC is a polysaccharide hydrogel derived from linters of the cotton seed
• Commonly used in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations
• Excellent biocompatibility – does not interfere with cell mediated bone formation
• Odourless, tasteless and nontoxic
• High viscosity physiologically inert carrier which maintains its interface at the graft site
• Malleable - can be molded and placed into any shaped defect
• Excellent dimensional stability – does not significantly shrink nor expand
• Will not migrate from the graft site
• Resorbs slowly in harmony with new bone formation  allowing for cellular and vascular infiltration
• Haemostatic effect when grafted into a  bleeding site
• FDA classifies CMC as GRAS  (generally regarded as safe)

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