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Cytoflex Tefguard ePTFE Membrane: Smooth

Last Updated Oct 02, 2018
Manufacturer: Unicare Biomedical
SKU: unicare-cytoflex-smooth-C01-0301
Cytoflex® Tefguard® is a non-resorbable membrane made of a proprietary micro-porous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) material. It is ideal for socket preservations and bone grafting procedures. The smooth version of Cytoflex® Tefguard® has micro pore texture on both surfaces.
  • Allows nutrient permeation across the membrane.
  • Resists fibroblasts and blocks bacterial penetration.
  • Excellent Handling & Rigidity. Easily adaptable.
  • Easily retrievable as one piece
  • Better host tissue attachment with fewer flap dehiscences
  • Facilitates tissue regeneration despite flap recessions, or incomplete primary closure.
  • Available in 12mmx24mm and 25mmx30mm. Provided double pouched and sterile.
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Cytoflex Tefguard ePTFE: Smooth 12mm X 24mm
(SKU: C01-0301)
  • Buy 3 or more for $36.00 each and save 10%

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Manufacturer Unicare Biomedical
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