Suturing Tips Around Dental Implants in the Mandible

Learn why a mid-crestal incision is the incision of choice around dental implants in the mandible.

In this short video, Dr. Michael Sonick provides a quick clinical tip on suturing around implants in the mandible. There are many kinds of surgical incision approaches, but suturing decisions for implants in the edentulous mandible needs to take keratinized tissue into consideration. As is now well understood, soft tissue around implants is different than soft tissue around natural teeth. The goal in implant surgery is to have a healthy amount of keratinized tissue around dental implants. In the mandible, you have two muco-gingival junctions. Therefore, in the mandible, a mid-crestal incision is the incision of choice around implants. This allow you to have equal amounts of keratinized tissue both buccally and lingually, so you have healthy tissue both on the buccal side and lingual side.

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