Ora-Aid Protocols in Extraction Sites

This video webinar from Dr. Amos Yahav reviews the use of Ora-Aid in extraction cases.
This video webinar, from Dr. Amos Yahav, reviews the use of Ora-Aid with Bond Apatite bone graft cement. Ora-Aid is an innovative intra-oral non-eugenol dressing for protecting oral wounds. It is comprised of 2 layers: an oral mucosa adhesive side and a protection side. The video provides an excellent overview of Ora-Aid protocols in extraction sockets, and is applicable to any type of bone graft material. In the first part of the webinar, Dr. Yahav discusses Ora-Aid, explaining it's properties, features, and benefits. Thereafter, Dr. Yahav reviews several cases demonstrating the use of Ora-Aid with Bond Apatite, providing a detailed explanation of the suturing technique with Ora-Aid. It is very important to properly suture the Ora-Aid in extraction socket grafting, because otherwise the Ora-Aid will simply fall out after a few hours. However, the suture protocol must be followed to ensure proper results. Cases covered in this video include a fractured root in the esthetic zone, reconstruction of a ridge, and extraction of molar. It is important to note that in the first case, a collagen sponge is used in conjunction with Ora-Aid. This is not necessary and is just used because of a prior protocol with Bond Apatite that utilized collagen sponges. Nowadays, Bond Apatite can be placed in conjunction with Ora-Aid alone without the need for a collagen sponge.

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