Turn Two Surgeries into One

What some clinicians may view as a situation requiring a separate GBR procedure prior to implant placement, can often times be treated with implant placement in one surgical visit. This case will demonstrate this one-visit approach.

#30 presented with a significant buccal ridge deficiency with good soft tissue quality (Picture 1). When the soft tissue was reflected, an osteotomy could be prepared in a prosthetically appropriate location and allow for simultaneous contour augmentation (Pictures 2,3,4). DALI cortical cancellous particulate graft was placed and covered with OsseoSeal collagen membrane to augment the buccal deficiency and the flap margins were sutured around a wide healing abutment (Pictures 5,6,7). Following healing, a screw-retained crown with proper emergence profile was inserted (Pictures 8,9,10).

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Dr. Daniel Gober

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