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Titanium Membrane and Block Bone Fixation Screw Kit

Last Updated: 5/20/2022
Brand:MCT Bio
The kit comes with a 5 Pack of Screws FREE. To get the 5-Pack of Screws for Free, simply add this product to your cart, and then add a pack of
Regular Price: $499.00

This titanium screw kit is perfect for your membrane fixation, or block bone fixation needs. Best of all, our kit is customizable. You choose the screws you want! For tenting procedures, please see our Tenting Screw Kit or our GBR Kit

Kit includes:

  • 1 Pilot Drill, 2 Driver Shafts, 1 Screwdriver Body, and Case (re: SBB-01)
  • Choose the screws you want! Your First 5-Pack of Screws is FREE! Additional Titanium Screws only $75 for 5 ($15/Screw).
  • Significant savings over competing kits!
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More Information on Titanium Membrane and Block Bone Fixation Screw Kit

Components of the Bone Fixation Screw Kit

Mini membrane fixation screw kit includes:

Titanium Screws for use with our Titanium Membrane Fixation Screw Kit. PurchaseTitanium Screws separately

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