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Syringe: Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized Blend

Last Updated: 6/15/2022
Important: This bone mix is cortical bone ONLY! If you are looking for Cortical Cancellous Bone Mix in a syringe, search for RAPTOS Prefilled Syringe: Mineralized Cortico-Cancellous Bone Graft options. This is in stock and a better option.

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This Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized Premium blend combines two popular allograft particles in a convenient syringe with a filter cap. The mineralized bone offers an osteoconductive platform for bone regeneration, while the demineralized particles offer an osteoinductive boost.

  • Contains: 70% Mineralized Cortical Bone/30% Demineralized Cortical Bone
  • Osteoinductive and Osteoconductive properties
  • 3 convenient sizes, 250 - 850 μm granule size
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More Information on Syringe: Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized Blend

Raptos ® Allograft mineralized bone grafts offer an osteoconductive platform for bone regeneration and Raptos Demineralized Particles offer an osteoinductive boost. Used either alone or as part of a composite bone graft, allograft bone particulates supply a natural framework facilitating the attachment of osteogenic precursor cells. This Cortical Mineralized/Demineralized blend (70/30) combines two popular allograft particulates used in dentistry, all in a single syringe!

Raptos is provided in a specially designed syringe which enables rehydration in the syringe with saline or patient’s blood. Raptos is aseptically processed and provided in a powder and chip form, sterile, single patient use package.

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