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Dental Restorative products for your practice.

  1. Chairside Attachment Processing Material is a unique Attachment Processing Material from ZEST Anchors that was designed for ease of use and predictability when processing attachments into full and partial overdentures, using either a chairside or laboratory procedure.

    • No primer required for reduced chairtime
    • Shorter mixing tip reduces material waste and cost per case*
    • Bonds to itself for efficient void fill and touch-ups
    • Dual cure capability provides convenient self or light cure flexibility
    Each package contains: 1 CHAIRSIDE Attachment Processing Material 8g (4ml) Syringe, 15 Mixing Tips, and 15 Angled Tips Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $325.00

    Special Price $239.99

    This high-quality Universal Crown Remover (Plier) Set is designed to facilitate the removal of both temporary and permanent crowns. Commonly used for the removal of bridges.
    • Set includes: 1 Crown Remover + 20 Tips + Adhesive Powder (10g)
    • Adjustable Stopper to prevent crown damage
    • Double Spring Back Action for smooth grasping
    • 20 Polymer plastic tips to safely grip crowns
    • Adhesive Powder to achieve better crown grip
    Learn More
  3. Starting at: $104.99

    EZ Pickup (formerly ERA PickUp), from Sterngold, offers a unique tissue-colored, automixing, self-curing attachment processing material that can be used to pick up any attachment. Odorless and tasteless. Buy the complete kit or individual components. Complete kit contains: 1 syringe @ 15 grams, 15 Tips and 5.0ml Varnish. ERA PickUp will chemically bond to acrylic only if a primer is used. Use Varnish LC as a primer. Learn More
  4. Regular Price: $925.00

    Special Price $799.00

    The Implant Torque Driver comes with variable torque settings (7 levels) allows you to optimize the tightening of your prosthetic components during implant placement.

    • Easy access to the molar area, with ergonomically designed Contra angle type.
    • Easy to Operate: Install by turning the latch key to the right, inserting the driver into the hole, and returning the latch key to lock
    • Accurate Torque selection: Select proper torque value by turning the knob 5~35N/cm, turning the handle clockwise or counterclockwise to tighten or loosen.
    • Head can be separated from the body for sterilization, minimizing the corrosion rate
    • 2 Standard hex driver tips included (24mm and 30mm) 
    Learn More
  5. MOR RC-1 for use with the MOR Implant System. Includes black o-ring Learn More
  6. MOR RC-2 Retaining cap allows for increased retention and less pivoting. For use with the MOR Implant System. Learn More
  7. MOR Implant Analog for use with the MOR Implant System. Learn More
  8. MOR Impression Coping for use with the MOR Implant System. Learn More
  9. MOR O-Ring (10 Pack) for use with the MOR Implant System. Learn More
  10. MORĀ® Temporization Cap for use with the MOR Implant System. Learn More

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