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Sinus Lift Kit: Crestal and Lateral Approaches

Updated 2019-09-07
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The Master Sinus Lift Kit allows maxillary bone to be drilled efficiently, and includes all the instruments you need for both the crestal and lateral approaches. Scroll down to watch Sinus Kit video.

  • Specially designed components to minimize risk and easily and safely lift the membrane 
  • New! Unique Magentic Sinus Artificial Intelligence Drill (MASAI) drills!
  • Stopper system to prevent excessive and over-drilling, 
  • Kit Contains: 6 Crestal Drills, 3 Magnetic Crestal Reamers, 8 Drill Stops, 2 Trimmers, 4 Lateral Drills which includes 2 Magnetic Reamer drills, 5 Lateral Sinus Instruments (inc. 1 Sinus Depth Gauge/Packer), and Hydro (Water) Lift system to reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation (1 Irrigation Handle, 6 Irrigation Tips, 1 Rubber Tip) 
  • Note: This kit is equivalent to Salvin's Comprehensive Lateral And Crestal Sinus Lift Kit, except that our kit features the new MASAI drills.

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