Sinus Lift Kit: Crestal and Lateral Approaches

Sinus Lift Kit: Crestal and Lateral Approaches

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The Master Sinus Lift Kit allows maxillary bone to be drilled efficiently, and includes all the instruments you need for both the crestal and lateral approaches. Scroll down to watch Sinus Kit video.

  • Specially designed components to minimize risk and easily and safely lift the membrane 
  • New! Unique Magentic Sinus Artificial Intelligence Drill (MASAI) drills for the lateral approach!
  • Stopper system to prevent excessive and over-drilling, 
  • Kit Contains: 6 Crestal Drills, 4 Crestal Reamers, 8 Drill Stops, 4 Lateral Drills which includes 2 Magentic reamer drills, 5 Lateral Sinus Instruments (inc. 1 Sinus Depth Gauge/Packer), and Hydro (Water) Lift system to reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation (1 Irrigation Handle, 8 Irrigation Tips) 


Watch the Sinus Lift Master Kit Video

The video below shows a demonstration of a Sinus Master Kit III. Our new Sinus Lift MASAI Kit, is exactly the same as kit below, but includes 2 magnetic lateral reamer drills (called MASAI Drills), instead of the standard lateral reamers. These drills use a unique magnetic safety system for safe drilling of maxillary bone. See more video and information below.

Sinus Lift Master Kit Components

6 Crestal Drills and 4 Crestal Reamers

2 Lateral Drills and 2 Magentic Lateral Reamer Drills

This kit features 2 Magnetic Sinus Artificial Intelligence (MASAI) Drills . MASAI is an advanced system which allows you to drill clean and deep into maxillary bone without damaging surrounding sinus membranes. This is achieved thanks to a unique magnetic safety system that executes a safe cutoff by separating the bit via a magnetic force.

Key Features of the Lateral Magentic Drills

  • The blade of the diamond MASAI drill provides excellent cutting, but has grooves, preventing damage to the membrane, even if the drill touches it.
  • The MASAI drill has a rim to prevent sinus penetration, after the bone has been punctured.
  • Most importantly, the MASAI drill features special magnets which separate once the drill passes the bone. Once the magnets separate the drill will cease to turn.

This video demonstrates the Lateral reamers and drills, including the 2 magnetic lateral reamer drills (called MASAI Drills). These drills use a unique magnetic safety system for safe drilling of maxillary bone.

Kit includes 5 Lateral Sinus Instruments!

  • Maxillary bone can be drilled efficiently with the Sinus Master Kit.
  •  After measuring the cortical bone length, steadily approach with crestal drill with stopper until last 1mm. 
  • For the last 1mm, finish with crest reamer with 1mm stopper. Drill mainly relies on diamond particles. 
  • Use sinus lift instruments to help lift up the sinus membrane.

Features of the Hydro Lift System

A key addition to any sinus lift kit, the Hydro (Water) Lift system helps reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation during the sinus membrane lifting operation. The system uses the proven technique of hydrostatic sinus lift, to provide evenly distributed hydraulic pressure during sinus membrane elevation, thus ensuring the safety of the procedure. Can be used in conjunction with all popular sinus lift kits.. See research, video and specific kit components below.

  • Maxillary sinus membrane can be safely lifted by the proven method of hydrostatic pressure.
  •  Various aqua tip sizes are included (2.8, 3.0, 3.3, 3.5, 3.8, 4.0) 
  • Compatible with a variety of maxillary sinus elevation drills 
  • Sanitary due to the use of a disposable syringe  (disposable syringe NOT included in kit, any disposable syringe can fit)
  • Because treatment of crestal approach is possible within 3mm in residual bone, the time and cost is reduced

Water (Hydro) Lift Kit Components

Note: 1 Disposable syringe and tubing is included with this kit. Clinician can use any standard disposable syringe.

WSL-01-02 is an adaptor to use with the Aqua tips to help screw in the tips. Eight different aqua size tips.

Additional Information

  • Clin Implant Dent Relat Res. 2012 Aug;14(4):585-94. Evaluation of the effectiveness of a water lift system in the sinus membrane-lifting operation as a sinus surgical instrument. Kim DY1, Itoh Y, Kang TH. " In this study, the Water Lift System was confirmed to effectively reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation during the sinus membrane-lifting operation. We conclude that the Water Lift System deserves to be considered as a sinus surgical instrument, which ensures safety in the sinus membrane-lifting operation."

  • Implant Dent. 2011 Dec;20(6):425-9. Controlled hydrostatic sinus elevation: a novel method of elevating the sinus membrane. Kao DW1, DeHaven HA Jr. "Maxillary sinus elevation surgery has been practiced successfully over the past several decades with good outcomes, but tears and perforations still occur in significant numbers. The presumed cause of these problems is the fact that all methods currently used place "point sources" of lifting pressure on the Schneiderian membrane. A new procedure, controlled hydrostatic sinus lift, is presented herein as a safer, more controlled "lifting pressure" which simultaneously places equal force per square millimeter of bone-membrane interface. Hydraulic pressure in a closed system places equal pressure on all surfaces within the system, thereby eliminating "point sources" of pressure and gently elevating the Schneiderian membrane equally at all points of attachment. This controlled hydrostatic sinus lift procedure is accomplished by using a calibrated, hand-controlled pump and in-line pressure sensor meter."

  • Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2011 Aug;40(8):815-20. Evaluation of the capability of a new water lift system to reduce the risk of Schneiderian membrane perforation during sinus elevation. Bensaha T. This study demonstrated that maxillary sinus floor elevation using the water lift system via the crestal approach is a predictable procedure with a low complication rate, compared with the lateral approach with piezoelectric surgery.
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Customer Reviews

Invaluable addition Review by Dr. PV
This kit was an invaluable addition to my practice. All the instruments are excellent, and I was particularly impressed with the magnetic drill, which provides an additional safety mechanism for a lateral lift. (Posted on 4/5/2018)
Love your drills Review by Steven
I love your diamond-coated lateral reamers and drills. The disc shape makes it easy and effective for cutting. (Posted on 3/28/2017)