Red Top Glass Blood Collection Tubes, 10ml, 100/Box

By:Becton Dickinson
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BD Vacutainer 10mL Glass Tube from with Conventional Stopper. SKU: 366430. Tube Size: 16 x 100mm. Comes 100/BX. Can be used to make PRF membranes and plugs. 

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Sterilization applies to the tube and stopper interior only, and not to the outside of the tube or to the packaging. Sterilized by gamma radiation.

BD Glass Tubes are Silicone-coated. A silicone coating reduces adherence of red cells to tube walls.

These Tubes are FDA Class II Devices, and are manufactured in a facility inspected by the FDA. To ensure patient safety, US FDA Regulations require that blood drawn into tubes must use Class II, FDA cleared devices that are manufactured in a facility that is inspected by the FDA

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