BonePen Implant Drill Guides and Pin Kit

BonePen Implant Drill Guides and Pin Kit

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The BonePen Kit helps improve implant placement thru the use of specialized implant Drills and Pins, that help guide implant positioning. Kit Includes:
  • 5 Color-Coded Guide Drills Ø 2.0 in five (5) diameters
  • 5 Color-Coded Pins in five (5) diameters


Watch a BonePen Kit Surgical Video

Note: BonePen Mini Drill Guide Ø 2.0 diameter is NOT indicated to replace conventional 2mm twist drills 


BonePen Kit Procedure

1. Take the restorative measurement(s) of the future prosthetic restoration(s) within the available boney space.

2. Select from the range of available diameters of the BonePen Mini Drill guides Ø 2.0 from the matrix above. Refer to Diagram of Product Matrix – Specifications and Type that best matches the calculation of measurements recorded in Step1.

Note: BonePen Mini Drill Guide Ø 2.0 do NOT have depth markings and when fully compressed extend to a depth of 8.3mm

3. Using the pre-determined selected Drill Guide width, attach the latch type shank to the handpiece of the implant motor. Note: Prior to use, ensure that the chamber is secured by rotating in a clockwise direction as well visually inspect the chamber for wear.

To acheive better positional stability, use both hands. Hold the handpiece grip with main hand softly and let the other hand touch handpiece head.

4. Recommended drill speed is 300-1,500 rpm with torque of 45-55Ncm with irrigation.

5. After the Site has been marked switch to the conventional 2.0 twist drill found in the Implant Surgical tray routinely used.

6. Repeat Steps 1-5 should multiple restorations be considered.

7. How to use Pin: Final restoration height can be inferred by biting the Pin that matches the Drill Guide.

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