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Removal Kits

Removal Kits from for failed implants.

  1. Regular Price: $750.00

    Special Price $599.00

    The implant removal kit contains the tools you need to remove a failed dental implant while minimizing trauma to the bone.

    Kit includes:

    • 3 Specialized Implant Remover Screws for all popular implant systems.
    • 1 Remover Wrench for reverse torque.
    • 1 Hand Adaptor.
    • 7 Trephines (for difficult combination cases, if needed)
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  2. Regular Price: $995.00

    Special Price $650.00

    The only you kit you need to remove a fractured or broken screw and save the implant. Based on the proven counter-torque and reverse screw technique (Froum S., Compendium. 2011;32(7):2-24).

    Kit includes: 6 Guides for various implant systems (see below), 2 Drills, 1 Tap, 1 Guide Handle, 1 Remover Wrench.
    Note: Additional Screw Remover Guides not included in the kit, can be purchased separately. Learn more.
    This product is currently on backorder and will be available to ship at the end of January 2018. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
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  3. Regular Price: $1,995.00

    Special Price $1,750.00

    Effectively and easily remove failed implants with our next generation implant removal kit incorporating patent-pending wave technology to enhance the popular Neobiotech, Biomet 3i, and Zimmer 3i Implant Removal Kits. 1 No need to trephine! Features new implant removal instruments that reduce rotational slippage to allow for greater control during the implant removal procedure.

    Kit includes:

    • 6 Specialized Implant Remover Screws (+2 of each type) for all popular implant systems.
    • 4 Gen2 Implant Remover Tips for different implant sizes, 2 Adaptors and 2 Bodies.
    • 1 Special Torque ratchet with two directions for proceeding fixture removal.
    • 3 Hex Screw Drivers
    This kit is comparable to Neobiotech, Biomet 3i or Zimmer 3i Implant Removal Kits. It offers improvements with new specialized wave-like parts.
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