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Pack of 5 long-length, specialized screws used for tenting during bone regeneration procedures. Tenting Screws are made for use with our Tenting Screw Kit. Huge Savings! Only $18 per screw. Choose screw size below.
If you want to purchase more than one 5-pack, it's easy: Simply choose the size you want below, Click "Add to Cart", then return to this page, and then add another size.

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Here's why you will save big with our screws: Other companies charge approximately $50 per tenting screw. Our titanium tenting screws are only $90 for a pack of 5, or $18 per screw!

Tenting screws

Grafting of large vertical maxillary and mandibular alveolar ridge defects is difficult. The "tenting" technique involves the use of particulate allograft or block graft, in combination with specialized titanium screws, in a “tenting” fashion to augment large, localized, intraoral, vertical alveolar ridge defects for implant placement. Tenting with MCT titanium screws maintains space and minimizes resorption of the graft.

  • Suited for particulate or block grafting. Specialized design provides significant advantages over traditional screws for either purpose. 
  • Tissue friendly, 5.0 mm broader head protects and stabilizes the graft 
  • 4 mm thread depth for decreased risk to the nerve and tooth roots. Augment 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 7.0 mm of height depending on polished neck.
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Instructional Video for Grabbing Screws with the Kit

Instructional Video for Grabbing Screws with the Kit

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