DALI Flex Graft: An Alternative Solution for Defects

This a follow up to our original case using the DALI Flex Graft, a 1 mm thick demineralized cortical allograft that when hydrated, becomes flexible and easily adapts to graft sites. For reference, the original case is here: DALI Flex Graft for Buccal Augmentation

After a six-week healing period, we observed see nice healing and an obvious increase in the facial contour (Photo 1). Subsequently, an impression was taken and the implant was restored with a screw-retained crown (Photo 2).

In my assessment, utilizing the DALI Flex Graft cortical bone sheet proved more manageable and effective for addressing this type of defect, compared to the conventional particulate graft + barrier membrane approach.

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Dr. Daniel Gober

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When hydrated this allograft becomes flexible and easily adapts to graft sites!