DALI Flex Graft for Buccal Augmentation

Following a GBR at the time of implant placement (Pictures 1,2,3), a buccal ridge deficiency persisted (Picture 4). Surgical uncovery of the implant to expose the cover screw revealed successful bone regeneration around the implant, but a residual lack of ridge contour (Picture 5). Instead of using a traditional particulate graft covered with a resorbable membrane, a “flexible bone graft” sheet, DALI Flex Graft, was placed over the buccal plate to augment the buccal contour (Pictures 6 & 7). Because the graft comes hydrated, it is easy to handle and adapt to the defect location. The flap was then pulled over the graft and adapted around the healing abutment (Picture 8).

Looking forward to posting additional results when they are available. Please let me know if you have any questions by visiting the forum (link below).

Dr. Daniel Gober

UPDATE: See the follow-up results here: DALI Flex Graft: An Alternative Solution for Defects

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When hydrated this allograft becomes flexible and easily adapts to graft sites!